Aurora Recovery Center

As you explore Aurora Recovery Center, you will uncover a plethora of core principles that embody Flyland Recovery Network‘s treatment philosophy. With decades of invaluable experience, we’ve come to understand that successful addiction treatment requires the treatment team to act with purpose, rapid responsiveness, competence, and adhere to a set of sound philosophical principles.

We recognize that addiction is as intricate as the individuals and families it affects, leaving no room for a single, finite solution to each challenge. To ensure an effective substance abuse treatment plan, we provide a clean and structured environment where patients can thrive. Our treatment methods encompass evidence-based approaches, supported by extensive research and proven to yield positive results. Our skilled clinicians are adept at describing the purpose and techniques they employ, delivering a clear and compelling account.

At Aurora Recovery Center, we combine the latest evidence-based practices with time-honored addiction treatment methods to achieve the greatest impact. Our comprehensive approach includes private and group therapy sessions, counseling, valuable coping tools, and relapse prevention strategies.

In addition to the evidence-based treatment programs at Aurora Recovery Center, we offer motivational incentives through science-backed integrative services. These include massage therapy, meditation, chiropractic care, auriculotherapy, and nutrition education.

From the very core of our philosophy, we prioritize dignity, compassion, innovation, and long-term success. We firmly believe that parents and loved ones play an integral role in each patient’s recovery journey. Therefore, it is our responsibility to equip patients with the necessary tools and education to lead a fulfilling life, free from the constraints of substance abuse.

We welcome the chance to serve you.

You will discover our philosophy is deeply grounded in dignity, compassion, innovation and long-term success. We believe the parents and loved ones are an integral part of each patient’s recovery and that it is our duty to provide the tools and education to live a fulfilling life, free from the restrictions of substance abuse.

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