Colin Keene

Director of Operations

Colin Keene serves as the Director of Operations at Aurora Recovery Center. He has over 12 years of experience in the treatment industry, and Colin has worked in various positions and has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His role as a collaborator with the executive team involves establishing and implementing strategic goals and objectives for the recovery center, making him an integral part of its success. His deep understanding of how the SUD field operates allows him to advocate for client success,

Colin’s love for people shines through in his work as he constantly motivates and inspires his staff to be their best selves. He believes in showing individuals their strengths and helping them grow, just as he did on his journey to recovery many years ago. He is passionate about music, nature, and motorcycles; Colin finds solace in riding his bike, playing music, or simply being surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors when he’s not working.

As someone who has been through the challenging treatment process, Colin’s advice to anyone entering this journey is simple yet powerful – “Give yourself a break and take suggestions.” With his positive energy, compassionate nature, and strong leadership skills, Colin is truly an asset to Aurora Recovery Center and an inspiration to those with whom he works.

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